Call for volunteers

Here at the Whole Brain Project, we are constantly looking for talented folks in the open source community who are interested in directing their creative talents towards the intersection of computer science and neuroscience.  Makes for a great volunteer internship on a resume.  Think you’ve got what it takes?  Fill out our volunteer sign up form and find out!  We’ll get back to you shortly.

2 Responses to “Call for volunteers”

  1. Lara Rangel says:

    I would like to begin creating educational outreach modules that utilize the tools available in the whole brain catalog. I have a well-established relationship with many of the teachers in the Sweetwater School District and believe their classes could greatly benefit from this resource.

  2. Cindy Langdon says:

    I am a teacher who wants to work on helping students interact with real tools and real images as they develop their ideas about how life works. I am a great guinea pig!

    Sincerely and with regards,

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